About Our Farm

Local Family Farm

   Little Bear Stables is a local family-run Farm and rescue that has just opened in Lancaster, MA! We will be focusing our efforts on the rescue and rehabilitation of horses and other farm animals in need. We have several rescue animals already residing at the farm, and there are many more we hope to help in the coming years! Some of the animals at the farm we have raised, and some are with us for the intent of rehabilitation and rehoming. We rescued 5 horses from kill pens in 2020 and we hope to save more in 2021! All 5 of our rescue horses are still with us being rehabilitated and taught how to love again. There are none currently available for adoption. We will announce when they are. 

   Saving animals is our passion, and we hope to share this passion with all of you in a fun, safe, and educational way. All proceeds from our events and fundraisers go directly towards the care of our rescue animals. Please follow along and support us in advocating for those who can not advocate for themselves. 

    We will be hosting many fun activities throughout the year to help raise funds for the animals. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for all the latest, family friendly, events! 

** Please also consider donating to our cause. Our rescue is, as of now, self funded. We hope to achieve 501c3 status soon, however until then we are covering all expenses. As you can imagine, rescuing and rehabbing horses is extremely expensive! They come to us scared, broken and hungry. Saving them is not easy and we appreciate any and all help you can give! Please click the donate button below or venmo us @LittleBearStables **