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"Farmer for a day" Farm Tours

Open year round
Weather permitting

"Farmer for a day" is 60 minutes long per family. The first half is an informative discussion on organic & regenerative agriculture and how we use them on our farm. We feel it is important to spread awareness for a more sustainable way of life, for our children's future and the future of the planet. We will also learn how to plant & germinate seeds, which your children will take home, to track growth and progress. This is a great way to teach how easy and rewarding  it can be for anyone to grow their own healthy food, even children!  

      The second half is a walking tour of our farm. We will visit each animal and learn about how we rescue and rehabilitate them. In addition to rescuing, our mission is to educate about the animal and rescue world through hands on, interactive education.  We hope to help teach the public the importance of animal welfare, and how we can all help prevent animals from unnecessary suffering. We have chickens, ducks, pot-bellied pigs, bunnies, cats, horses, and goats. Some of our farm animals are personally raised by our family and love the attention they receive from visitors. Others are animals that we have rescued from unpleasant situations. You will learn all about them, how to care for them properly, and what it takes to rescue them. We will also enjoy multiple activities, from petting the animals, to searching for fresh eggs! Farm tours are by appointment only, please email me to reserve your spot. With education, action, and animal rights advocacy we can help move towards a future where rescue is not necessary!

The cost is $40 per Family. Please email us for more information and to book your trip today!