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Information & Rules 
*Please read carefully before signing up*

It is our mission to rescue neglected, abused and unwanted Equines that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. 

  1. These horses often come to us terrified of people and in need of expert care. Because of this, we ask that all volunteers let us know of their horse experience ahead of time so that we may place you with an appropriate task.  When you arrive you will get a tour of the facility and we can talk about what you are most comfortable helping with. 

  2. You are free to volunteer on a regular basis, or just once, whichever you prefer. We appreciate any and all helpers! 

  3. Due to the overwhelming response of people signing up we ask that all volunteers come at their scheduled time only. This allows us to make sure all needs are met each day in an efficient manner. Most of our day to day chores can be done with 2 or 3 people. But we will be looking to arrange some group projects once the weather warms up! Please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates on what we are working on. 

  4. While this property is dedicated to our Rescue, this is also our family home. We have two young children, as well as full time jobs outside the farm, and our lives are very busy.  Please be respectful of our privacy and do not enter the house or garage without permission. 

  5.  We also ask that all new volunteers sign a waiver in addition to agreeing to our volunteer rules. 

  6. Please be mindful that these are rescue horses. Often new horses will come in very sick, starved, etc. Please ask questions, if you have any concerns, and we would be happy to let you know where we are with that specific horses rehabilitation. It is always better to ask questions! 

  7. Please do not enter any paddock unless you have permission from us ahead of time. This is for your safety, as well as the horses. Horses are often wary of strangers, especially rescue horses, and we do not want to scare them. 

  8. Please do not feed treats to the animals unless you have permission. Some of our horses are "choke risk" horses, and they require certain foods. We also need to be careful about overfeeding treats, sugar is not good for horses in large amounts. Horses enjoy a variety of healthy green vegetables, which is a better option than apples and carrots.

  9. All ages are welcome, including kids as long as children are supervised at all times.  Children 16 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

  10. Volunteers must wear closed toe shoes (no sandals, flip flops or steel toed boots) on the farm.  Be prepared to get messy so wear clothes you don't mind getting wet or dirty.  

  11. All volunteers must park in front of the garage. There are often animals and young children wandering around. Please go slow and be very cautious.

  12. Please do not bring any dogs or other animals with you. 

  13. Please let me know via text if you are unable to make it for your schedule time so we may ask a different volunteer to fill in. 

  14. MOST IMPORTANTLY: We work hard to maintain a peaceful, positive and non judgemental environment for our family, as well as the animals here. Negativity, especially towards other volunteers and animals, will not be tolerated. 

High Fives
High Fives


During the tour, volunteers will learn about the help needed including feeding animals, cleaning stalls and barnyard areas, filling water buckets, grooming and caring for the animals. Your tasks may vary depending on your horse experience. 


Other than barn chores, we also need help with - Farm Operations: Handy/maintenance work. Mowing, gardening/ landscaping, fence, equipment and other repairs, building/construction, painting, etc. 

Non-Horse Volunteer Opportunities: Public relations (community outreach), grant writing, marketing, fundraising,  graphics, website design, event planning, office cleaning and administration.   Let us know if you have skills in any of these areas. 

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Please feel free to email me with any other questions

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